Madrid, Spain
May 11-13, 2016

About the Conference

On December 2012 the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission convened the first-ever International Regulators Conference on Nuclear Security to discuss a wide range of activities relevant to enhancing regulatory approaches for security at civilian facilities. The goal of the conference was to enhance awareness of the importance of comprehensive national regulatory security programs, as well as to build relationships with counterpart regulatory entities with responsibility for nuclear and radioactive materials security. That goal was successfully achieved.

Four years later, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council will convene the second International Regulators Conference on Nuclear Security, which, in coordination with the U.S NRC, will promote international cooperation to advance nuclear security. This conference seeks to enhance capacity building for nuclear security around the world and to support the implementation of good practices in this field.

The Conference aims to build on the results of the 2012 Conference, where the importance of establishing and maintaining a strong, independent, legal and regulatory framework; the methodologies of design basis threats and threat assessments; information protection; the interface of safety and security regulations; personnel trustworthiness and reliability; best practices in inspection-related security techniques; management and response to security events; and cyber security issues, were discussed. All these issues will be further treated during the 2016 Conference.

Topics at the 2016 Conference will focus on the importance of a strong and independent regulatory body; new regulatory challenges; nuclear security events; information protection and confidentiality; security effectiveness; research reactor security; transport and sources security; and nuclear security culture.

Useful information

Access to the venue:
Both for the Conference and for the cultural and social events the access will be through the Jerónimos Entrance of the Museo Nacional del Prado.

Registration to the Conference is free of charge.

Online registration is mandatory to be able to participate at the Conference. Last day to register in the Conference is April 29.
For security reasons, all attendees must bring their passport or other photo identification for on-site registration.
For organizational, capacity or security reasons, some of the applications to register could be rejected by the organizati on.

Travel expenses:
There are not sponsoring opportunities available for participants or speakers, therefore all participants must bear their own travel and lodging expenses during their stay in Madrid.

Format for the Conference:
The conference will be developed integrally in plenary sessions, which will include an opening and closure for the Conference, technical/topical sessions and Keynote speeches.
The conference presentations and discussions will be held in English. However, there will be simultaneous translation between Spanish and English languages available.
The basic documents for the Conference will be provided upon on-site registration and necessary program and logistic information is available and periodically updated through the Conference website. After the Conference, all the information shared during the Conference will be made publicly available through the Conference website.

Social and cultural events:
All participants to the Conference are invited to a social and cultural event on Wednesday evening, May, 11. There will be a guided private tour to the Museo Nacional del Prado which will be followed by a reception at the museum premises. All interested participants must meet before 8:30 on Wednesday evening May, 11, at the Jerónimos Entrance of the Museo Nacional del Prado.
Please, remember to carry your badge and ID/passport.